Message from the Principal

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Welcome to our official school website. If you are considering the possibility of being part of our school family, the information contained on our website may give you some helpful insights. I would encourage you to visit us and tour our school with our senior students. I think you will be impressed with what you feel and what you see.
I am reasonably new to St Kevin’s and I am excited about the opportunities and challenges that are ahead of me. We are blessed with a dedicated and professional staff along with a keen and supportive parent group.
At St Kevin’s we have a particularly strong emphasis on students achieving a faith-filled education where high standards are maximised in all areas of the curriculum and particularly in literacy and numeracy. We strive to provide an environment which encourages your child to be confident and excited about learning from the start of school life.
The patron of St Kevin’s Catholic School is St Kevin of Glendalough, Ireland. Known as the ‘Wonder-worker of Ireland’, St Kevin was the abbot of Glendalough Monastery. He was born in 498 to noble parents and it is said that an angel appeared during the child’s baptism telling his parents he should be named ‘Kevin’, meaning ‘He of Blessed Birth’. 
After many years spent as a hermit living off herbs and fish and spending his time in prayer and self-denial, Kevin finally returned to society to build his monastery. For the remainder of his life he taught all who came to learn and preached the Gospel. It is said he ‘fell asleep in the Lord’ in 618 at the age of 120 years. His feast day is celebrated on June 3.
I look forward to meeting you. 
Peter Anderson