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St Kevin's School Uniform - introduced 2007.

Uniform Policy

A standard of appropriate dress must be maintained at all times. It is essential that parents/carers and the school have the same set of values in this regard. The school's expectation is clear. Hats need to be worn correctly and hair longer than collar length, tied back appropriately. There must be no deviation from the set school uniform. A watch may be worn, while jewellery (other than a single pair of small ear studs for girls/boys, a religious symbol on a chain or a sentimental signet ring) is not acceptable.


  • All items of the school's uniform (except black shoes) may be purchased from the school's uniform shop.
  • St Kevin's uniform school bags are also available from the bookshop.
Day Senior Girls Junior Girls Senior Boys Junior Boys


White blouse with light blue check collar and trim Light blue check dress with yellow trim White shirt with blue trim Light blue check shirt with yellow trim
Light blue check skirt with drop waist and inverted pleats Navy blue shorts
Shoes Black (lace-up or velcro) leather shoes or black leather runners ( no coloured trim or tags)
Socks Summer White ankle Socks
Socks Winter
  • Boys: White ankle socks
  • Girls: White ankle socks or navy tights (socks are NOT worn over tights)
Hair Longer than collar length must be tied back at all times
Hair Acc Navy, white or yellow bands and/or ribbons n/a
Winter Summer formal uniform with school navy jacket and (optional) navy blue tights Summer formal shirt with navy trackpants and/or school navy jacket
Sports Girls / Boys - Unisex Uniform
Shirt Navy unisex sports shirt with yellow and white stripes on the left side
Shorts Navy unisex (elasticised waist) shorts
Shoes Black leather shoes or black leather runners ( no coloured trim or tags)


Socks As per formal day uniform
Winter Full tracksuit trackpants/jacket (or top only) may only be worn over the sports uniform
Shoes Black leather shoes or black runners ( no coloured trim or tags)

​        Uniform Shop Hours

​January 2018
Week 1
Mon 15th Tues 16th Wed 17th
9am – 3pm 9am – 3pm 9am - 3pm
Week 2
Mon 22n​d Tues 23rd Wed 24th

 9am - 3pm​

 8am - 3pm  8am - 3pm  
​​Week 3​​​ ​ ​ ​
Mon 29th​ Tues 30th​ Wed 31st ​
​8am - 3pm​ 8am - 3pm​ ​ ​8am - 3pm​


​​​​ ​  Year ​Round (Feb - Dec)
Mon Tues Wed​ ​
8am - 10:30am​