School Logo

​The Blue (sea) and yellow (sand) curve, - is incorporated into the logo representing an outline of the Gold Coast.St Kevins Logo with Motto.jpg
To the right of the logo is a symbol of green mountains which lie to the west of St Kevin’s – representing the Hinterland.  the green of the mountains to the sea and the sand”. (School song)
The red cross is central to the logo and is a sign of hope in the Catholic (Christian) tradition.  It points us in the direction of the future.  St Kevin’s Catholic Primary School envisions an environment where everyone is encouraged to realise and develop their God-given gifts that they may live happy and fulfilling lives based on the Gospel values.  (Vision Statement)
Yellow and white pathway is twofold in its symbolism
1.       It represents two individual pathways which combine to focus our mission to “strengthen partnerships while nurturing and supporting each other” (Mission Statement). 
The pathway is the future of hope within our community which has its beginnings at the foot of the cross and flows through our primary years at St Kevin’s.  It is a symbol of future directions for Leadership and as lifelong learners.
The spirit is here on the journey we share in the hands that are joined and the hearts that care” (School song)
2.       It is symbolic of the rainbow which is a traditional symbol of St Kevin’s since its commencement as a place of learning in 1979.  It is a sign of God’s everlasting Covenant with his people”.  Genesis 9:12-14​

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