Principal's Welcome

Welcome to our official school website. If you are considering the possibility of being part of our school family, the information contained on our website may give you some​​​​helpful i​​nsights. I would encourage you to visit us and tour our school with our senior students. I think you will be impressed with what you feel and what you see.

I am excited about the opportunities and possibilities that are presented to me as Principal of St Kevin's. We are blessed with a dedicated and professional staff along with a keen and supportive parent group.

St Kevin is our Patron Saint. Kevin had a deep relationship with the natural world.

We learn through story and as Christians we retell the story of Jesus and the hope his message brings us. There is a well-known tale of St Kevin and the blackbird. One day, Kevin was praying with his arms outstretched in his cell in the monastery. The cell was so small that his right arm had to poke out through the window. As he was praying, a blackbird came and nestled in his hand. Then the blackbird started to build a nest. When the nest was complete, the blackbird laid an egg. It seems that Kevin was a man who, when talking with the Lord, was not easily distracted.

Once Kevin realised that the nest and egg were in his hand, he decided not to move until the egg had hatched and the fledgling had flown away. He didn't want to risk breaking the egg.

One of the great things about legends is that simple stories are never that simple. A good deal of Celtic spirituality is about finding love in hard places; it is about both blood and stone. So here we have St Kevin, in his austere cell, undertaking something which is both painful and difficult. But the real focus of the story is a small chick, a fragile creature for which the saint feels great tenderness. The story is not really about endurance; it is about nurture and the pain that may involve.

St Kevin is a fitting patron for a school. Any Christian community needs to stand with its arms wide open, accepting with reverence whatever God brings its way, holding firm to protect its vulnerable members. St Kevin's holds the lives of young children until they are ready to make their way in the world.

You are welcome to join us in this journey.​​

Peter Anderson 

Principal 2016 - 2021

​​John Downie Portrait.jpgIn 2022 St Kevin's welcomes new Principal - Mr John Downie.

At the time of publication, John was in transit from his previous school and once settled and has had time to explore his new surrounding will extend his personal welcome to the community.