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​​​​​​​Uniform Policy​

There must be no deviation from the set school uniform.

​A standard of appropriate dress must be maintained at all times. It is essential that parents/carers and the school have the same set of values in this regard. The school's expectation is clear. 


​Hats need to be worn correctly.   In the  interest of sun safety, hats must be worn whenever a student is outdoors.  If a child presents to school without a hat, then at break times s/he is required to take him/herself to the ​Undercover Area.


 A watch may be worn, while jewellery (other than a single pair of small ear studs for girls/boys, a religious symbol on a chain or a sentimental signet ring) is not acceptable.

Wearable technology (watches) worn in lessons or in public areas around the school, must have ‘School mode’ activated during school hours and whilst at school approved events including lunch and snack breaks. If the student is able to activate/deactivate 'School Mode' on the device, these devices should not be brought to school.​


In all cases, safety takes priority over fashion.  Certain hairstyles will not be allowed if, by their very nature, the school hat subsequently cannot be worn eg gelled, spiked hair.  Hairstyles and other alternative fashion statements will vary from time to time.  Some hairstyles will be discouraged if they pose a safety risk to the child, or pose a health risk to others, or prevent a student from fully engaging in the school curriculum (e.g. “I can’t attend my swimming lesson today because Mum spent an hour spiking my hair before school!).  It is best to check with the class teachers or the principal or leadership team before adopting alternative hairstyles.  Loud, obvious and dramatic dyed hair colours are most inappropriate for young school-aged children.  Hairstyles that draw undue attention to a child are to be not permitted.  In the interests of hygiene and safety, hair touching the collar worn by either gender needs to be tied up.  Hair bands need to be navy or gold or school fabric.  

​Parents of children with hairstyles that are deemed unacceptable will be contacted.​

All items of the school's uniform (except black shoes) may be purchased from the school's uniform shop.

St Kevin's uniform school bags are also available from the bookshop.



Senior: White blouse with light blue check collar and trim

Junior: Light blue check dress with yellow trim

Senior: White shirt with blue trim

Junior: Light blue check shirt with yellow trim

Light blue check skirt with drop waist and inverted pleatsNavy blue shorts
ShoesBlack (lace-up or velcro) leather shoes or black leather runners (no coloured trim or tags)

White ankle Socks​​​

Girls may wear navy tights in winter

(socks are NOT worn over tights) ​

HairLonger than collar length must be tied back at all times
Hair AccNavy, white or yellow bands and/or ribbons
WinterSummer formal uniform with school navy jacket and (optional) navy blue tightsSummer formal shirt with navy trackpants and/or school navy jacket

Sports Uniform


Girls / Boys - Unisex Uniform
ShirtNavy unisex sports shirt with yellow and white stripes on left side
ShortsNavy unisex (elasticised waist) shorts

Black leather shoes or black leather runners (no coloured trim or tags)


SocksAs per formal day uniform
WinterFull tracksuit trackpants/jacket (or top only) may only be worn over the sports uniform
ShoesBlack leather shoes or black runners ( no coloured trim or tags)



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