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​​​​​​​Uniform Policy​

There must be no deviation from the set school uniform.

​A standard of appropriate dress must be maintained at all times. It is essential that parents/carers and the school have the same set of values in this regard. The school's expectation is clear. 


Uniforms give students a sense of belonging and enhance pride in their school. Wearing a uniform shows unity and identity. A uniform builds a sense of community in much the same way football followers will wear their team’s jersey or scarf.

A uniform improves concentration and focus. When all the fashion accessories are taken away from the students and they are made to wear the same school uniform and follow the same policy, there are no distractions or comparisons.

We believe in equality - when all the students wear the same clothes, they do not compare each other. They consider everybody as the same as each and every student in the school. This promotes a healthy atmosphere in the school.

Our rules and expectations help establish safe spaces for learning and being. Our expectations promote physical safety, emotional safety, promote equity and allow for effective learning environments in which all students can engage without distraction.

Since the beginning of schooling in the late 18th Century, all students at some point in their education have struggled with elements of the school rules, guidelines or expectations. Our expectations and the meaning behind these expectations mirror the standard of dress in secondary school and most workplaces.

Please download the full policy here  :  ​Uniform Policy.pdf


All items of the school's uniform (except black shoes) may be purchased from the school's uniform shop.

St Kevin's uniform school bags are also available from the bookshop.



Senior: White blouse with light blue check collar and trim

Junior: Light blue check dress with yellow trim

Senior: White shirt with blue trim

Junior: Light blue check shirt with yellow trim

Light blue check skirt with drop waist and inverted pleatsNavy blue shorts
ShoesBlack (lace-up or velcro) leather shoes or black leather runners (no coloured trim or tags)

White ankle Socks​​​

Girls may wear navy tights in winter

(socks are NOT worn over tights) ​

HairLonger than collar length must be tied back at all times
Hair AccNavy, white or yellow bands and/or ribbons
WinterSummer formal uniform with school navy jacket and (optional) navy blue tightsSummer formal shirt with navy trackpants and/or school navy jacket

Sports Uniform


Girls / Boys - Unisex Uniform
ShirtNavy unisex sports shirt with yellow and white stripes on left side
ShortsNavy unisex (elasticised waist) shorts

Black leather shoes or black leather runners (no coloured trim or tags)


SocksAs per formal day uniform
WinterFull tracksuit trackpants/jacket (or top only) may only be worn over the sports uniform
ShoesBlack leather shoes or black runners ( no coloured trim or tags)



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