Positive Behaviours for Learning

 Vision for Student Behaviour Teaching and Learning 


We acknowledge that learning and growth is a developmental journey. 

All students require opportunities to be taught and practise positive behaviours in an environment that is encouraging and recognises success. Some students require individualised levels of support in their learning of positive behaviours. 

Staff at St Kevin's draw on contemporary behaviour teaching practices and curriculum resources to support this development.


We recognise the rights of every individual within the school community as well as their responsibility to respect the rights of others.  



St Kevin's Positive Student Behaviour Support Plan aims to contribute to the development of the whole person. It fosters social, academic, physical and spiritual development to promote positive, collaborative relationships.   




St Kevin's Positive Student Behaviour Support Plan aims to encourage personal and community safety and well-being through the development of positive behaviours.  

Every member of the St Kevin's School community (students, staff, parents and carers and other members of the community) has the right to feel safe at all times. 


School Rules

School rules are taught to students at the beginning of each term, with  reminders  when necessary. School rules are clearly and prominently displayed in classrooms and around the school. Routines are also taught for specific times and places e.g. walking to specialist classes, coming to assembly, where and when to eat.


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