Parents and Friends

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The Parents & Friends Association is great way to meet others and work together to make our school a better place. Our goal is to provide ways for parents and friends of the school to contribute to and participate in the educational experience of their children. 

We are a small group of parents (approx 8) who formally meet once a month in the library and meeting generally last an hour.  However, we invite all members of the school community to help and get involved with events-without formally signing up to the committee. 

2018_Activities45.JPGSome of the things we help out with include:

  •  Breakfast for various special days
  •  Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day stalls
  •  Welcome BBQ
  •  Beachathon 


  • Specific events for Mother and Father's Day 
  •  Sourcing grant funding for various educational resources and school facilities
  • World Teachers Day morning tea 

We operate as a non-profit group supporting the school educators and staff.  Our funding is directed towards supporting various school projects , facilities and resources. We are a forum for parents and friends to communicate and be represented, with the welfare of the school as a whole in mind. 


 Guidelines for P and F Funded Resources and Projects.pdfGuidelines for P and F Funded Resources and Projects.pdf


Brisbane Catholic Education Parents and Friends

Parents and Friends Federation of Queensland